Classroom Rules




Follow directions 1st offense: $2 fine & warning
Come to class prepared with work complete 2nd offense:  $2 fine & lose 15 min. of recess
Raise your hand to talk 3rd offense:  $2 fine & lose whole recess
Treat others the way you want to be treated 4th offense:  $2 fine & note to parents
Always keep working without distracting others 5th offense:  $2 fine & visit Mr. Monson

Reward Cost
Eat lunch with a friend $25
Pick a partner $35
Computer time at recess with a friend $50
Picnic in the room $75
Sit by a friend (Fridays) $75
Sit in assistant teacher desk $100
100% coupon $100
Change F to A+ $100
Pick your spot for a week $150